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 spray TUNNELS

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CUSTOM Branding

UV Resistant . Large Exposure

  • Industrial aluminum frame welded with floor mounts length 2450mm width 1225mm height

  • 2450mm white chromodek Side Panels (H) 2450mm x (L) 2450mm

  • Full Branding UV Resistant. 2 x Sides (H) 2450 x (L) 2450mm & 2 x Entrance (W)1225 x (H) 470mm

  • 6 x Fine misting nozzles. Maximum coverage 22.5L per hour continuous use

  • High pressure pump, operating pressure for optimal misting effect automatic pressure valve. Controls Pump Pressure

  • Dual Timer. Misting intervals seconds to minutes

  • Sensor beam activated entry & auto stop

  • Non-return valve for immediate misting

  • LED Light strip activated by entry beam


  • Water Tank 800L With Connectors (800L = 1250+ People)                      

  • Decontamination Spray Solution - Case Of 12 x 1L (Makes 9600L - 6 Weeks Supply High Traffic Area) 

  • 3 Stage Water Filter System With Connectors (1 Micron) 

canvas Tunnels



  • 2.5m x 2.5m x 3m Decontamination Tunnel

  • Custom Length & Width Available Recommend Height of 2.5m


  • Aluminum Frame With Quick Connector (Quick Onsite Assembly, No Tools Required)

  • PVC Rip Stop Canvas 400g (Branding Available Extra Lead Time)

  • 8 x Fine Misting Nozzles  (Maximum Coverage)

  • High Pressure Pump, Operating Pressure For Optimal Effect

  • Automatic Pressure Valve (Controls Pump Pressure)

  • Dual Timer (Misting Intervals Seconds To Minutes)

  • Sensor Beam Activated Entry & Auto Stop

  • Non Return Valve (Immediate Misting)

  • Led Flood Light Connected to Entry Beam

  • 2 x Water Tanks 500L

  • 1 Case - 16 x PLUS47 Disinfectant

  • 3 Stage High Flow Water Filtration System 1 Micron

Optional Extras

  • National Decontamination Tunnel Management With KPI Structure

  • Custom Aluminum Drip Trays With Non Slip Tread Plate  

  • UV Protection PVC Branding (Safe To Clean)

  • 1 Case – 16 Dosage Sanitizing Solution (1 Dosage To 500L Filtered Water)

  • Custom Frame Sizes 

  • Non Slip Rubber Floor Matting 

  • Artificial Grass

  • 500L/1000L Water Storage With Connectors